Planning a funeral

Ba­sic In­struc­tions for the Fa­mi­ly of the Decea­sed.

This section provide you with information on every step when arranging a funeral. The extract is from Finnish Association of Funeral Services

You have been struck by sorrow. After a death, practical arrangements must be made for things like organizing a funeral, even amidst grieving. For these arrangements, it would be easiest for you to contact a funeral home of your choice or the church of the deceased. The funeral home does not need to be located in the deceased’s municipality of residence.

Funeral arrangements can begin immediately after a person’s death.

Burial permit

The doctor who treated your loved one will issue a burial permit, if there is no need for examinations to determine the cause of death. Otherwise, the burial permit will be issued after these examinations. Funeral arrangements can be made even before the burial permit has been issued.

Death certificate

A death certificate states the cause of death of the deceased and will be issued only after the results of all laboratory and other tests required to determine cause of death have been received. This may sometimes take as long as several months. A death certificate is not needed for dealing with the authorities.

Notification of death

Notification of death will be sent through official channels to the Digital and Data Population Data Services Agency to be entered into the census record, from which the information will be passed on to places such as the church, the Kela home (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland), most banks etc.

Funeral arrangements

The easiest way to organize a funeral is to contact the funeral home of your choice, which will reliably and professionally begin to take care of matters related to the funeral. In accordance with your wishes, the funeral home will contact the necessary parties to organize the funeral. They will reserve the times, places and suppliers for the service.

Burial place

The burial place will usually be a cemetery. Arrangements for using a grave already in the family’s possession can be made at the funeral home. Obtaining a new burial place does not require church membership; parishes have a duty to grant a burial place to all residents of the municipality. The best places for getting information about other burial places are your local parish or a funeral home.

Coffin burial

The funeral service is almost identical for coffin burials and cremations. After service, the coffin is usually carried from the church or chapel accompanied by family members and laid to the grave. The service may also take place at the grave site.

In cremation, the coffin and flowers are usually left in the chapel at the end of service, from which the coffin is transported for cremation by the parish or the funeral home. Är begravningen i kyrkan bärs kistan och blommorna ut till bilen, om en grav finns förs blommorna dit. The burial of ashes usually takes place at a specifically reserved time. According to the Funerary Services Act, the ashes of the deceased must be laid in one single place within one year from death.
Memorial service

There is usually a memorial service after the funeral service. The memorial can be held at home, at parish premises or at some other suitable location.

Funeral costs

Funeral costs are paid primarily from the deceased’s own assets and account. If the deceased has no means of their own for the funeral, it is possible to apply for funeral support from the social services of the deceased’s last place of residence. Social services will usually pay the mandatory minimum funeral costs.

Estate inventory

An estate inventory must be made for all persons who lived and died in Finland within three months from death. If necessary, it is possible to apply for an extension for the estate inventory. An estate inventory is a report of the heirs, assets and debts of the deceased. The estate inventory is delivered to the tax home.

A checklist for families

There are many things someone must take care of after a death. For example, it may be necessary to keep an eye on an empty apartment, empty the refrigerator and take care of pets. If any of the deceased’s property was left at the hospital, it needs to be picked up. The entire instruction list can be found in the link below.

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