Flowers and bouquets

Flowers for every occasion

Welcome to our cozy shop in the center of Smedsby! Come stroll around and be inspired by the colors and scents, flowers and bouquets, green plants and potted plants, pots and vases and not to forget our carefully selected gift items! With us, you always get outstanding personal service and flowers of highest quality. You can also order flowers by calling us or visiting our online store.

Flowers and bouquets

We have flowers and bouquets for all of life’s moments, occasions and holidays:
Baptism, engagements, weddings, funerals, birthdays, student and graduation occasions, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s’ Day – or of course for, an ordinary day.

When you want to say congratulations, thank you, take care, I’m sorry or I love you. When you want to share joy, show sympathy or just put a golden edge on everyday life – come to us!

With us, you get professional personal service, tips, advice and ideas. We tie your bouquet with knowledge and experience, care and love, with fresh flowers of high quality.

You get a beautiful, personal bouquet that you or your friend can enjoy for a long time!

How to order

Call and order your bouquet and we will deliver it wherever you want within a 50 km radius, for a fee. You can also call us and order in advance, or order via our online store, to then pick up the flowers from our store.


We also offer self-service at our store every day from 09:00 to 21:00.
You can conveniently bring e.g. a bouquet, gift or something else from our selection in the self-service.
1. Fill in a form
2. Choose mode of payment (cash, invoice, MobilePay or to come to the store and pay)
3. Enter name, address and telephone number
4. Insert the form in the small opening (hatch) on the wall. If you pay in cash, you also put the money in the small opening (hatch).

Weekly bouquet

Subscription to weekly flowers for private homes or companies is also one of our appreciated services. Call us or visit our online store!


In our online store you can order flowers and bouquets for different occasions and holidays.

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