Funeral services

We take care of the whole funeral arranging process

Following the death of a loved one, it is our mission at the funeral home to help, support and take care of the practical arrangements We are here to help you every step of the way, to arrange a personal, caring and dignified funeral. We take care of all the practical arrangements when a loved one has passed away, according to your wishes or requirements.

We offer a full range of funeral services:

  • Coffins and urns
  • Death notices and thank you notices
  • Funeral flowers
  • Flowers for the memorial service and condolence bouquets
  • Donation to a fund in memory of the loved one
  • Transportation of the deceased both domestically and abroad
  • Catering at the memorial service
  • Memorial headstones and lanterns
  • Engravings and restorations of headstones


  • Coffins starting from 538 €
  • Urns starting from 110 €
  • Transportation of the deceased starting from 120 €
  • Catering at the memorial service starting from 11,65 €
  • Coffin decorations, garlangs starting from 95 €, casket sprays starting from 120 €
  • Funeral sprays starting from 65 €, hand bouquets starting from 35 €, hearts starting from 75 €

In­struc­tions for the Fa­mi­ly of the Decea­sed

Finnish Association of Funeral Services has made instructions for the family of the deceased Click on the button link to get to the page:


Many times the thoughts concerning your own death include the worrying of the family and their capability of coping with the many questions a death of a family member brings before them.

The members of the Finnish Association of Funeral Services provide two different ways of letting your close ones know about your wishes regarding your funerals. Read more


Coffins and urns

You can choose from our wide selection of domestic, decayable and cremable coffins and urns. Click the link button below to see the selection:


In our photo gallery you see examples of different coffin decorations and funeral flowers We are here to gently guide you through your choice of flowers for the funeral or memorial service.

Remember that a gift card can also be an appreciated sympathy gift that the relatives can use later.


Tack för all den glädje Du mig/oss skänkt.
All din värme, alla goda tankar som Du tänkt,
alla vackra minnen jag/vi har kvar.
Tack för den Du var.
Din kind ej mer vi smeka kan
ej trycka dina händer
Du kommit till ett annat land
där intet ont dig händer.
Solen har dalat, dagen är slut.
Stilla är klappande hjärtat.
Skönt är att vila från lidandet ut.
Somna från allt som har smärtat.


Memorial headstones can be ordered through us. We collaborate with the company Kivilähde, which delivers beautiful and personal headstones.

You can reach us here:


Centrumvägen 3 (The Vallonia house)

65610 Korsholm

06 322 2744

06 322 2745

050 313 8142

Opening times:

Monday to Friday 9.00-16.30 9.00-16.30

+358 50 313 8142 (24hrs)

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